Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Tables Turned

 In the poem Tables Turned an interesting take on humans ability to learn from nature given our off balanced relationship is displayed. I feel everything the speaker tells the subject is a spontaneous flow of words. The speaker says to take your nose out of books because you are missing out on the true lessons nature can teach. He expresses how birds are teaching you through song, you just have to be able to listen. He says that nature is always going to be there ready to bless your heart and mind with wisdom and happiness. He explains the amount of knowledge you would gain from being close to a forest compared to knowledge gained from listening to a wise human. If you learn to be in sync with nature it can teach you lessons about man, morality, evil, and good. Wordsworth then comes to say that humanity often obstructs the beauty of natures wisdom by distorting it for our fictitious knowledge . "We murder to dissect" describes the lack of harmony in humans relationship with nature. The purpose of dissection is technically to learn about nature but it displays our one sided, imbalanced relationship. In the end he states that once you can open your heart and establish an interconnected relationship with nature, endless wisdom will be obtained.